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from Philadelphia

My name is Nicholas. I grew up around the black dirt region of Orange County, NY in a family full of artists. I like planting container gardens, hiking with my wife, and I am trying to learn more about where my food comes from.

I've always had the need to create and try new ways of making things. I formed Yates Design Studio to house all of my work, both clientele and personal. I like to keep a “human” aspect in my work by including wonky lines, handwritten fonts, or behind-the-scenes photography. I believe this helps tell the story of all the people behind your cause or business.

I have collaborated with some super cool people (see below). You can view past projects hereThis work includes:

  • Building and supporting brands with custom content

  • Designing & managing marketing campaigns

  • Photographing products, processes, and people

  • Installing van decals

Yates Design Studio - Black and white image of Nicholas Yates painting a mural. Earth Cup Cafe, West Philadelphia.

You ready?? Let's go!


#blessed to collaborate with stellar people & businesses.